Hayden Mountain
as seen from Ouray

We are a non-profit corporation of volunteers, founded in 1986, dedicated to the preservation and safe public use of Ouray County's trails, working in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, Ouray District.


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Welcome to Ouray Trails

This is a site where you can find information on Ouray County trails, updates on the status of trails, input your own current data on specific trails, and review frequently asked questions. You may also use your computer to navigate the trails with trail maps and pictures taken along the various trails.

You will find links to other sites, such as the Ouray Chamber and Resorts Association, The Ridgway State Park, other Colorado parks, and the U.S. Forest Service.

We hope you enjoy your time while using this Web Site. Give us your feedback through use of the "Contact Us" page.

Preserve the Beauty

Ouray's magnificent legacy of trails is largely a result of the mining activity of the 1800s; the remaining mine structures are irreplaceable and everyone's help is needed to preserve them. Local trails are normally maintained in reasonable condition, but can deteriorate drastically in severe weather. (See the "FAQ" page for safety tips.)

These steep mountain paths are prone to erosion, so leaving the trails or cutting corners on switchbacks only hastens their destruction. Mountainhiking and the freedom it brings also demand responsible use of this fragile, wild landscape.


Climb Responsibly

Colorado's spectacular peaks are suffering from serious human impacts. Climb these mountains with respect and be aware that your actions can cause impacts to the natural environment that require decades to recover.


Take only pictures and leave only footprints


Ouray -- Alpine Hiking Capital of the West

Help us preserve and protect the area for the next generation.  After your hike, take a minute to let someone know what work is needed.  Your comments may be directed to this website, to our trail work leader, Phil Wolkin, or to the U. S. Forest Service: 970-240-5300,

If you see someone violating the land, please call
the Ouray Ranger District at 970-240-5300.

Need a Map or Local Trails Booklet?

Hiking Trails of Ouray County (12th Edition) map is available at local stores and the Ouray Visitors Center.  It features descriptions for 83 hiking and skiing trails, Mt. Sneffels and Wetterhorn Peak approaches; user friendly guide to difficulty, distance, elevation and time; outdoor safety tips and a topographic map depicting the trails.  
Cost is $10.00 ($12.00 by mail)

The booklet, Hiking Ouray With Kids - And Everyone Else! (3rd Edition), covers 13 Scenic and accessible trails with trailheads on the perimeter of Ouray. The hikes are really for everyone, not just those with kids, but are not as strenuous as other trails in the area. It is also available in local stores and the Ouray Visitors Center.
Cost is $7.00 ($9.00 by mail)

To order a map or booklet by mail, click  HERE  for details.

National Trails Day, June 16, 2012

The work, this summer, was accomplished on the Oak Creek Trail. Eighteen members of the Ouray Trail Group and local volunteers, plus four individuals from the USFS assisted in clearing and repairing this well used trail. Of major work of importance was the construction of fill and cribbing at an area where the trail had been taken out by a fallen tree. This and other work is shown in the pictures to the right.

Pictures courtesy of Stuart Middleton-White

(Click on small images for a larger view)

The register box was moved
closer to the trailhead
by Stuart M-White and J. Gary Dunn

Emily Galanto and Rein van West assist

A Forest Service worker,
J. Gary Dunn and Jenny Hart

Phil Wolkin, OTG Trail Boss
Emily and Rein in background

A look at all the fill

The finished work!

Wetterhorn Trek, Summer 2012

Steve Cushard and Charlie Howard, both from Cincinnati, Ohio, spent six days in the Wetterhorn Basin area from August 3 to August 8, 2012. They have been hiking together three or four times a year for the past twelve years, but mostly back east in the Appalachians. In recent years they have tried to get out west for weeklong treks. The most recent was a 60-mile trek on the Teton Crest Trail in Grand Teton National Park.

The Wetterhorn trek began on August 3 at the West Fork/Wetterhorn Basin trailhead. They hiked over West Fork Pass into Wetterhorn Basin and spent the night near the junction with the Middle Canyon trail. Day two, they went from the Basin to the Cow Creek trail and then to the Wetterhorn Basin Overlook. The third day was spent on the Middle Canyon to Matterhorn Cutoff trails. Then on day four, they took the Ridge Stock to the East Fork, then to the Middle Fork and over the Middle Fork Pass where they camped below tree line near the river. On day five, they went up Coxcomb and back down into Wetterhorn Basin. Finally, on the last day, they hiked out via the West Fork Pass to the trailhead. A few of the great pictures taken on this trek are shown to the right.

Pictures Courtesy of Steve Cushard




View from the Pass


Sunset behind Wetterhorn

Ironton Trails Bridge Work
Summer, 2011

Six individuals, our "Trail Boss," Phil Wolkin, Roger Smith, Terry Wells, Brad Wallis, Gary Dunn and Tom Augustitus worked on restoring two bridges in the Ironton Park area this summer. This work not only repaired two potentially dangerous areas for hiking in the summer, but also enhanced the trails for the winter Nordic skiing experience.

Pictures courtesy of Tom Augustitus

Putting Rocks in the
Washed Out Area

Working on the Span

More Work

A Plank Bridge Was
Moved to this New Location

  Click on the images to the right to view photos taken during the various activities noted.

(More to be added, soon.)

Work on the Old Horsethief Trail
Late Fall, 2011

Fall Pictures in the
Cimarrons, 2011

Work on the Wetterhorn Basin
Trail, Summer and Fall 2011

Neosho Mine Building
(Antique Store) Repairs, Summer 2011

Ouray Scenes

Top Left--  Ouray, taken from the Gold Hill area north of Ouray. Mt. Abram is to the left, in the distance, and Mt. Hayden to the right.

Top Right -- The Uncompahgre Gorge as seen from the Hayden Ridge, looking Southeast. The Uncompahgre River falls can be seen flowing from under Highway 550 in the lower center of the picture. Engineer Mountain can be reached by 4WD vehicles via the road up the center gorge. 

Middle -- On the lower Silvershield Trail. Ouray can be seen in the background.

Bottom Left -- Mount Abram in the Fall.

Bottom Right - OTG members reconnoitering a possible trail.







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